HOF CH Coronados Trubbling Sensation STDsd



Black C/W 12/15/2004

Hips OFA Good- AS-23087G25M

Elbows- Normal- AS-EL2435M25

CEA/CH Normal/Clear


Eyes- Clear



Coronados Exclusive Sensation
Blue C/W AS-17432E27M-PI F=29.78%
E114118 DL84998804

WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou CD RTDsc DNA-CP
E90308 DL70193901

Can-Ams Calais of Mistretta
E70715 DL54300405

Coronados Bare Necessities
Black C/W RF AS-16580G26F-NOPI F=8.57%
E105514 DL80729001

Coronados Rustlin In the Bare DNA-CP
E88074 DL67833705

M&Ms Summertime Joy


5-Generation Pedigree


Trubble's Story.....

Trubble came to us as a 2 year old dog from Eileen Coronado. He walked into our home and fit right in, he is a dream to live with! From the moment he walked into our house he had eyes ONLY for Dawna, that is still true today.  Trub is super correct and is very nice on stock, he is producing puppies that can "Do it all".

Trubble was Dawna's first Conformation CH.




Trubble finished his ASCA CH in three weekends under all breeder judges.




Finishing - Heidi Mobley - 5pt

8/15/08 New Mexico

Celeste Tellers - 3 pt

5/4/08 New Mexico

Stephanie Shope-McDaniel

4pt   8/14/08 New Mexico



Terri Morgan  4pt

5/3/08 New Mexico




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Painted Seven Ranch

Dawna, Mike, Megan & Tyler Sims

Dewey, Arizona

(928) 533-1108