Trubble's Titled Offspring



Tru- alt CH Tru Sensation STDs- Owned by Patti Fedak and PSR

Diva- CH Dazzling Sensation- Owned by Debbe Dolson

Echo- alt CH WTCH PSR Sensational Echo RNX, RA, RE, PT, CD, CGC, HSAS, HTAD1s, HTAD11s, CD, RN- Owned by PSR and Jeri Wheaton

Ryder- CH Red Ryder by Sundance @ 3D STDcsd- Owned by Debbe Dolson and Patti Fedak- Bred by Sundance Aussies

Cody- CH Icy Vibrations @ Sundance STDs, OTDd, HSAS Owned by PSR and Amy Timmons- Bred by Sundance Aussies

Lili- STDs, PT- Owned by Heidi Dalms-Foster- Bred by Sundance Aussies

Sizzle- WTCH Appian Ways Sizzling Sensation of PSR HTAD1sd, HTAD11s, HIAS, HSAD, ASCA major pointed- Owned by Julia Patten- Bred by Appian Way Aussies

Lili- Icy a Little Troubble of Sundance STDs, PT- Owned by Heidi Dalms-Foster, Bred by Sundance Aussies



















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Painted Seven Ranch

Dawna, Mike, Megan & Tyler Sims

Dewey, Arizona

(928) 533-1108