PSR Wildbunch Buck of CU-D






buck head 2 

buck stacked 





Black C/W

Eyes- Clear


WTCH PSR's Rockin Red Rex FTDds-open HSAS CGC Apache Son  C/W RF
 ASCA HOF Dam #229 Jacobs Testin R Tolerance STDcsd DNA-CP Red C/W
 WTCH CH CU-Dletsgetphysicalmoonlight  Moonlights Against All Odds STDds Black C/W
Sunshines Flyin' High Blue C/W


5-Generation Pedigree


About Buck....


We all have a dog that the moment we meet we know that that dog is supposed to be with you, your "Heart Dog"! Buck is mine!~Megan




Buck took HS CH of record twice in his short trialing career!


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