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Award Photos - LOBO ASCA New Mexico 2010

Testimonial for Teamwork

Do you ever go on a vacation where you cannot take your dogs? My wife and I go to Las Vegas every year for her birthday. In years past we had pet sitters come into the house and care for the dogs. The expense was a bit pricey but worth it to us to have our dogs in their own environment.

We began the Stock Dog journey this past year. We discussed our vacation plans with Dawna and she offered to have our dogs stay at her Ranch. We agonized over leaving our dogs away from their house but thought it was a good idea, especially if our dogs were going to be good enough someday to travel with Dawna to Stock Dog trials that were out of state. She said she would care for them was if they were her own. She also said she would run them with the stock when she had free time. The cost was actually less than having a full time pet sitter.

When we returned from vacation to pick up our dogs we could not believe the transformation. All were happy and well adjusted. All were performing at a much higher level than before. The bonding that took place between Dawna and our dogs was amazing.  Herding is really a team sport. The handler and the dog have to be on the same page to succeed. My dogs were definitely on the same page with Dawna when we returned.

We saw so much improvement that we now leave our Stock Dogs with Dawna for a week each month.  In just six months one of my Stock Dogs has been in four trials and the other in two. They have now earned 11 titles between them.  The results that Dawna is achieving with our dogs are just outstanding.


Tom and Nancy Tierney

Phoenix, AZ

Nov 2010


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