WTCH HTCH PSRs Float Like A Butterfly PT HSAdsc HIAdsc HXAdc OFTds HTAD1-dscGe HTADIIs HTADIIIGesc 




Penn Hip 90%
OFA elbows Normal
MDR1 clear/normal
CEA clear/normal
HC clear/normal
DM clear/normal



CH Troubbling sensation STDsd Coronados Exclusive Sensation
Coronados Bare Necessities
 PSR Double Shot STDs, OTDd WTCH HTCH PSR Rockin Red Rex AFTDsd, OFTDc, HSAS, HSAD, HTD1sd, RN, CGC
CH The Season Runs tru of Sundance


  Sting's Story....


Sting is Dawna's Pick puppy out of our 2013 Troubble/Tequila litter. She is a very talented on stock!! We are very excited about her future!! Look for Sting and Dawna in the Herding and Conformation rings!


Pictured here at 8 weeks old!




Painted Seven Ranch

Dawna, Mike, Megan & Tyler Sims

Dewey, Arizona

(928) 533-1108